EPISODE 4: Let’s be Friends…Part 2

We had so much to say about friendship that we needed a little more time, y’all! How to be a good friend to someone who’s walking through a rough time could be a podcast of its own — there’s so much to learn and share. Johnna and Laura share a little about some difficult times they’ve walked through and have seen people really show up for them. And as always, they wrap it up by sharing what’s GOOD in their lives this week. Johnna is loving “The Widow” (check it out on Amazon Prime) and her She Reads Truth Lenten study! Laura is loving her new Nivea cream, probably a little too much and has been off the Dr. Pepper for three weeks now. She’s found that diet green tea (Lipton brand is her fave!) gives her a little boost and helps with the headaches!

We’re so excited to share that we’ll be coming to you EVERY WEEK starting NEXT WEEK! Leave a review, a review and be sure to hit that “subscribe” button. You do NOT want to miss the next one — we’re chatting mom guilt on the next episode!

1 thought on “EPISODE 4: Let’s be Friends…Part 2

  1. Finished this episode today – totally engaged me from start to finish. Thank you for your honesty.


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