EPISODE 9: Beachy Vibes + Southern Charms

What’s better than a girls’ weekend at the beach? We’d say…NOT MUCH! In today’s episode, we hit on all your favorite topics in one trip. We recap our recent trip to the beach with precious friends that included experiencing some noteworthy Southern staples including Williams Bros. in Philadelphia, Miss., and the Flora-Bama yacht club. We also talk through the very real mom guilt of being away while your kiddos are sick.

A few links you’ll need for the episode:SNL’s “Fashion Coward” skit and Laura’s super fun seersucker cropped pants.

Johnna’s loving her new swimsuit cover up from Aerie and indulging in all the oysters she could could handle while at the beach. Laura’s new Lucky wedges are going to be her go-to summer shoe and she’s loving her new Tall Cotton candle — sent with love from Super Fan Debbie from The Rustic Rehab. 

We hope you’ll laugh your way through this episode with us and maybe even add some things to your bucket list for you next trip to The Sip and/or the beaches of Alabama! Tell a friend! Leave a review! Join us next Thursday!

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