EPISODE 10: Perseverance

Well, there was a change in the editorial calendar, friends. While Johnna and I both agreed we’ve been feeling a bit fluffy, we also agreed we didn’t feel up to a fluff topic this week. We decided to share a little of what’s been going on in our worlds – Johnna’s health struggles and how her sweet Anna has been trying to process all the news, and Laura’s ball of emotions about the adoption process that will soon reach 3.5 years. We’re not having a pity party today, but we are being really honest about how hard it’s been lately to find the GOOD. But it’s there, y’all! It’s always there!

Laura’s out of school for the summer and has had time to catch up on her The Magnolia Journal subscription as well as binge the To Live and Die in LA podcast. Johnna’s family has been loving All American on Netflix and she shares her secret Drunk Elephant Sundrops that’s giving her a fun summer glow.

We’re excited to share that we’ve also launched a Pinterest page to help us share all the fun things in life with you! Join us there for even more of our favorites! Keep liking and sharing and leaving reviews! You’re keeping us in this game!

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