EPISODE 11: Dear High School Me

The hairstyles. The forever loves. The poor fashion choices. The even poorer life decisions. It’s the stuff of high school memories that now, many years removed, makes for great stories with lots of laughs. Join Johnna and Laura for a stroll down memory lane as they relive their “glory” years and try to find good in it all! And many thanks to all the friends who sent in their sage wisdom, too!

Johnna’s loving her new no-slip headbands and as the resident connoisseur of all the self-tanners, she has struck GOLD with this one from Vita Libereta. Laura’s gone straight grandma mode on us to kick off her summer break and is recommending Beekeeper’s Daughter as a summer read and has been filling her time with some fun new cross-stitch designs from Etsy.

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1 thought on “EPISODE 11: Dear High School Me

  1. I just listened to my second podcast ever!!!! You know how green I am at this.🤣 But I did feel special when I got a shout out! For the record, I’m not sure if I was a skidmark or just someone along for the “bad choices”, but I’m grateful for every minute and the sovereignty! Love you my forever friend!!!!! BTW- I’m on my way to Aaron and Kylie’s graduation. I’ll be sure to tell him to try harder and her not to try so hard. ❤️ ( I know I’m making you crazy with my overuse of exclamation points, for so I tried to spell everything right) 🤣


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