EPISODE 12: What Would You Choose?

That title sounds pretty serious but this conversation is anything but. Johnna and Laura chat through some of their favorite things and “death row wishes.” It’s hypothetical, y’all. Don’t get excited. Be watching the Instastories at @allthingsgoodpodcast to share YOUR last wishes meal and the things you’d choose if you were stranded on an island. It might surprise you what the girls say!

Johnna’s loving the Hint Water in Watermelon for those hot summer days that are already starting in Austin, and she’s been binging the series Yellowstone (available on the Paramount App). Laura’s been getting her booty back in shape with some consistent running and a little volleyball practice. She also just finished a great summer read, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

Thanks for hanging with us, friends! We’re so excited you’re here and are so glad you’ve joined the conversation! Invite a friend!

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