EPISODE 13: Marriage Talk…Hold the Budget

Ready or not, we’re diving into marriage talks. First up: Johnna and Will. Despite Johnna breaking up with Will multiple times and Will sending Johnna to the ER with a panic attack over budget talks, the Holds are doing something right. Listen up, and take notes on keeping marriage fun with the Holds.

Johnna’s got the goods on some fantastic (and affordable!) leggings by 90 degrees that are available from Amazon. She’s also loving the Luminex teeth whitening strips. Laura’s more frequent work outs have her running for her Sparkly Soul headbands (Get 20% off with SUMMER19 and free shipping for orders over $25). And if you’re looking for a new lip color with staying power to take you into summer, Laura’s giving Limelife by Alcone’s Enduring Lip Color two thumbs up! Her favorite shades are Wedding Cake and Macaroon.

Thanks for joining us this week! Be sure to listen next week for part two with The Rev and Laura!

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