EPISODE 14: Never Divorce…Maybe Murder. Meet the Waltons

Next up: The Rev and Laura! In part 2 of our shout out to the joys of marriage, we can’t wait to bring you a conversation with Laura and her husband, Jeff. Hear about how they met, their keys to marital bliss, their struggles with ministry life, and of course, all the quirky things they do that drive each other crazy.

Other than marriage, what’s good in our lives this week? Johnna’s on a cleaning and organizing kick and recommends The Home Edit book for jumpstarting your home makeover. And if you’ve been dragging your feet on cleaning your make-up brushes, she’s found a great brush cleaner from Cinema Secrets that won’t leave you waiting for your brushes to dry. And Bonus: Johnna’s giving you two must-follow Instagram accounts, too! Check out Cristin Cooper (@cristincooper) and Melissa Smith (@melissa.lynn.smith). Laura’s loving the Ouai Leave-in Conditioner that came in her latest FabFitFun box and this week’s summer read recommendation is The Hate U Give.

We’re so thankful for your support. Tell a friend and as always, we LOVE reading your reviews!

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