EPISODE 17: Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name

Last week, we talked guilt vs. conviction…and you still came back this week! YAY! So, we’re continuing the discussion and talking shame and regret this week. As we shared some of the areas we experienced the most shame and regret, we discovered that we most often struggle when our PRIDE gets the best of us. It’s not light and fluffy, but it is real. Cue the vulnerability hangover.

In one of our favorite parts of the week, Johnna shares another great true crime podcast: “Cold” (the story of Susan Powell’s disappearance) and her new scrub bath mittens, which are super helpful in the smooth application of her tanner. Laura’s loving her new “Birkencrocs” Eva sandals (in anthracite) and in the midst of her summer hustle is finding new appreciation for her Thrive Brilliant Eye Brightener.

Thank you for joining us! We are so thankful you’re here! Tell a friend about All Things Good and come join us over on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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