EPISODE 18: Lost in Translation

Happy Independence Day, friends! We wish you all a safe and Happy 4th of July!

You can call today’s chat a catch-up session. You’ll need your spreadsheet for Johnna’s health update and your countdown clock for Laura’s adoption update. And if you know a little Spanish, you might be called upon to help Johnna out of the next hole she digs in a Spanish-speaking country. And if you have little ears listening, you may want to grab some earbuds for the first part of the episode.

Laura tried the 90* by Reflex leggings that Johnna recommended a few episodes back and is now fully committed to her gym teacher look for the remainder of the summer. They have pockets on each side for your phone, your practice schedule, and of course, your whistle. Johnna gives you the scoop on how she’s stayed organized though all her summer travel with her favorite packing cubes.

Thanks for joining us and come back next week when we (try to!) talk about saying “No!”

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