EPISODE 20: Practicing What We Preached

Well, it’s time for us to practice setting those boundaries, y’all! In this episode, Laura shares more about her upcoming move and new community in south — like waaaayyyy south — Mississippi. Johnna gives an update on her trip to Mayo Clinic and health insurance woes. They also share more about the impact your purchases make through our Christmas in July sponsor: Rosie’s Boutique. And of course, they share their good things for the week including the Hold family’s games of Skipbo and Johnna’s recommendation for a follow on Instagram: @things.I.bought.and.liked. Laura’s giving you the 411 on staying fresh on these hot summer days: Degree Deodorant Wipes will get you through some sticky days.

And then, y’all, we’re signing off for two weeks! We’ll be back August 8 ready to roll with lots of updates and new topics!

Don’t forget! You get 20% off your order at Rosie’s Boutique through August 1 with our code. Follow them on Instagram @rosiesboutique.haiti.

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