EPISODE 21: Back-to-School Nuggets

We’re back, friends! We’ve missed y’all a ton these last few weeks and are so glad to be getting ourselves back into a grove at the Hold and Walton houses after a crazy few weeks! Catch up with Johnna’s latest health news and hear about her trip to Mayo Clinic. The Waltons’ moving day was quite an adventure, but they are settling into their new Gulf Coast community and being loved on and welcomed to the fullest. Join them as they chat about some back-to-school wisdom they’ve learned and share some of your own over on our social media pages.

Johnna’s loving her new egg cooker she grabbed on Amazon’s Prime Day and she also shares about her tie-dye t-shirt fun with Anna and her sweet friend using this fun kit. Laura’s loving the big city life of Domino’s delivery and the thrill of the hunt for new furniture on the Facebook Marketplace. Stay tuned for pictures of her favorites when her family gets moved into their new home!

Keep telling your finds and please take a few minutes to leave us a review and rating over on iTunes!

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