EPISODE 22: Kindness Wins the Day!

Whoa, Nelly! This one was hard. Between the technology blips and the topic, Johnna and Laura had their hands full with this episode. Have you ever disagreed with a friend or family member? IT’S HARD…especially when that disagreement becomes public on the pages of your social media. Listen in as the girls chat about how to navigate disagreement in friendship and they share some sage wisdom from a sweet friend who recently experienced a very public and less-than-pleasant exchange on social media with friends and family over some divisive political issues. Stacy’s “Rules of Engagement” are golden — and we should all be practicing them!

Johnna also shares her latest podcast obsession: Confronting: OJ Simpson with Kim Goldman and reflects on how her summer “off” has been a much-needed break from the hustle. Laura shares her new favorite jeans from Amazon: Resfeber Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (light blue wash!) and how the timeline of her finally picking up Bob Goff’s Everybody Always is no coincidence in this season of transition and making new friends.

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Until next week…

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