EPISODE 23: Dream a Little Dream

In last week’s episode, Johnna shared she doesn’t dream anymore and of course, the girls turned that off-handed statement into an hour-long conversation. Why is it so hard for us — as women, as moms — to have our own dreams? We’d love for you to jump in with your comments and thoughts over on social media after the girls talk through some of the things they struggle with in their lives.

They also have some fun things to share this week. Johnna is loving her new stadium-friendly clear bag and the podcast The Clearing, another true crime listen. Laura’s loving the new Wednesday night bible study her new church is doing, Prodigal God (Timothy Keller). And she’s truly enjoying grocery pick up in her bigger community — what a time saver!

Don’t forget the girls are doing a giveaway for some of their favorite things! For a chance to win Bob Goff’s book, Everybody Always, and the girls’ favorite Thrive mascara, leave a review on Apple iTunes, screenshot it and post on your social media. Be sure to tag ATG in the post! If you’ve already left a review, go ahead and screen shot it, and post it! To win the Maasai Earrings from Noonday Collection and the Nivea cream, tag your friends on the ATG August 22 episode posts on Instagram or Facebook. Use separate comments for each tag and each one is an entry!

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