EPISODE 24: Put Me In Coach


We’ve all been there. Sitting a kids’ sporting event and parents are going crazy. Maybe it was YOU going crazy. Maybe it was Johnna or Laura. Today, the girls talk about some, well, growth areas in their parenting when it comes to supporting their kids’ extracurricular activities. They pull some wisdom from one of college basketball’s most animated coaches, Frank Martin, as well as several other articles linked below for you.

Frank Martin interview

Showing Up for your kids’ events

Psychology Today article

If our sideline behavior isn’t great, we’ve got some other things for you to try. Johnna is loving her new ribbed Henley from Aerie and has made Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” her hype song. Laura took Johnna’s advice on the boho dress from Amazon and is LOVING it (green version). She’s also giving a big shout-out to her TAs and the interns in her office who are keeping her prepared for class with all their help!

Don’t forget the giveaway (see previous post/Episode 23) for all the details. Tell a friend about All Things Good and join us next week for some perspective from our kids on this topic!

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