EPISODE 26: Just Livin’ the Life

Pull up a chair and catch up with Johnna and Laura and all the craziness happening in their worlds. Grab your spreadsheets for a health update with Johnna and hear why self-tanner and alcohol swabs at the doctor’s office might not be a good combo. Also, find out if the Waltons have moved into their new house (Spoiler alert: NO…but “It’s fine, y’all. It’s fine.”).

Laura shares the deets on her new leopard print shoes and a great everyday moisturizer from Aveeno. Johnna dishes on her favorite new bath soak for aches and pains as well as drops a humble brag about her crockpot meal planning. Check out her favorite cookbook that’s making it possible from @mixandmatchmama, Shay Shull (It’s only $6.99, y’all!).

Congrats to our two winners, Amanda and Laura (Not Walton. Calm down, guys!)! Thanks to EVERYONE who shared and left reviews for our give-aways! And just THANKS for being a part of the ATG community!

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