Episode 30: Moves, Medicals and Mums. Oh my!

“It’s the 1st of tha month!” If you sang that in your best Bone Thugs N Harmony voice, you’re our people! We wanted to do a little catch-up session because, well, there’s a lot going on over here. Johnna has started some new meds, and they have just about taken her down. And if it wasn’t the meds, we’ll just blame Dave Ramsey. Laura’s family is (finally!) in their new home! Can we get some praise hands in the air?! And both ladies have survived (maybe not thrived?) their first Homecoming — better known now as “HoCo” — festivities with their boys. Buckle in and pull out those spreadsheets! It’s an update episode!

Johnna shares a new podcast she’s loving called “Be There in Five” and her favorite new pants from Old Navy. Laura’s loving her new Shark hand-held vac for keeping those new floors tidy, and she has completely binged the Dr. Death podcast on her commute. It’s alarming, y’all.

Thanks for being with us for our 30th episode! Crazy! If you haven’t taken time to leave a rating or review, please hop on over to iTunes and give us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you, and it helps other people find us!

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