Episode 32: Teen Dating Survival Guide…for Parents

Raise your hand if you’re just not ready for this phase of life! On today’s episode, Johnna and Laura invite their good friend, Jennifer Jensen (AKA as “JJ”), to share some of her tips for navigating teen dating. She’s the mom of both a college-aged young man and a soon-to-graduate-high-school young woman — so she’s seen both sides and knows some things.

As always, they wrap up with their favorites and invite JJ to join the fun, too! Jennifer shares her latest read, The Testaments (a sequel to the super popular “A Handmaiden’s Tale” series), and her favorite toothbrush that lets you know exactly when you can stop brushing. Johnna’s loving her office renovation courtesy mostly of IKEA and her initial necklace from Nordstrom. Laura has found what she thinks might be the perfect wallet – it holds everything, has a zippered change compartment AND holds her phone, too! WHAT??!

We are so grateful for each and everyone one of you! If you’re loving the podcast, we’d LOVE for you to leave a rating/review over at Apple iTunes! It would help us so much!

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