Episode 38: Holiday Highlights

Listen in as Johnna and Laura share a few of their very favorite things from the holiday season. Time with family topped the list for both the ladies and they have a few updates to the shopping guide. Looks like someone’s hubby has been listening!

Johnna shares her new favorite dress from Carly Jean Los Angelos — The Laurel Boho Maxi — and her plan for Jennie Allen’s printable Dream Guide in 2020. Laura is loving the flavored saltine crackers that have been a constant since the holidays and swears her new Judy Blue Patch Pocket Flare jeans are the solution to all her recent emotional eating. Ok. Maybe not, but they sure are cute!

And as promised, we’re launching a new show segment where we share your reviews from apple iTunes this year! We loved this week’s shout-out from our friend @he’sstillworkingonme! Leave your review or rating ASAP and maybe we’ll get yours on an upcoming episode, too!

Join us next week as we talk “words” for 2020!

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