Episode 40: People of the Gym

Ok. Let’s be real. If you’ve been listening very long, this is not a topic you thought the girls would tackle. But hey! New Year! New You! Right? We’re sharing some funny things that have happened to us and YOU as we venture into the land of “The Gym People” and we brought in one of our very favorite members of the gym — “CrossFit Kelli.” Kelli Magee is a dear friend and will likely beat you AND your husband in an arm wrestling match, but if you’re struggling with feeling a part of the gym culture, she’s also your girl! She shares some of the dos and don’ts of the gym and Johnna and Laura jump in with a few of their own, too!

Sidebar: If you really want a blessing, check out Kelli’s church’s new worship album: Psalms, Vol. 1 on Spotify or iTunes. Check out our girl featured on “Again and Again” (You’ll have it on repeat! We do!).

The ladies are sharing some GOOD things this week that you’ll want to check out, too! Kelli shared a great hydration tool – Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier – and her love for the NY Times cooking app. Johnna is loving the Brad and Jennifer rumors and speaking their reconciliation into being. She’s also sharing a great cosmetics brand with the most amazing color-matching system – Maskara (Check it out and our friend, Colleen, will be happy to help you if you have questions about their products!). Laura’s good things this week is a book Johnna recommended a few months ago, The Nightengale, that she could not put down over Christmas and her Aveda Damage Remedy.

Thanks for being a part of our fun each week! We are grateful for each of you that laughs along with us!

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