Episode 44: The Real Joy Killer

Well, this one is super light and fluffy, y’all! Johnna and Laura dig into the roots of comparison and share some areas in their lives where they struggle. Amazingly, there were no tears.

Check out these articles the girls reference in their comparison conversation if this is an area where you struggle and you want to read more for yourself.

Alli Worthington’s article published by Propel Women: Click here

Huffington Post article about the pitfalls off comparison: Click here

Blog post by Ashley Hacksaw: Click here

What are we loving lately?

Well, Johnna’s loving the true crime podcast, Your Own Backyard about the Kristin Smart abduction over 20 years ago and her new retro sunnies from Amazon. Laura’s loving her K-Pak Shampoo and conditioner combo and her new Maskara Beauty palette (Reach out to our friend, Colleen, if you have questions!)

We’ll chat soon!

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