Episode 46: “Excited” About Lent

The Lenten season is here and whether you’ve observed Lent your entire life or you have no idea what we’re talking about, hopefully this chat will get you excited about this season of preparation for Easter. We talk through a little of the history, its purpose in our Christian calendar and of course, how we “celebrate” this season of repentance and sacrifice. Their favorite part? Talking through the ways you’ve shared about YOUR Lenten observances.

Details for the Lenten study by Erin H. Moon here. Erin’s Instagram is here.

What are we loving this week? Johnna’s loving The Mother-in-Law: A Novel and Tyler Candles’ Glam Wash Laundry Detergent. Laura’s recently binged a true crime podcast that she’s a little nervous to recommend (It’s super dark! So proceed with caution!) called Invisible Choir and she’s LOVING their family’s latest adoption fundraiser: ‘Tis so Sweet tees for their Sweeti!

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