Episode 49: Raising Godly vs. "good" Kids

If you’re like Johnna and Laura, you’re spending a lot of time with family right now. For better or worse, our kids are learning about how to handle hard things from us. What are we teaching them? The girls chat through some practical tips for going beyond raising “good” kids and helping them grow deep roots for their own faith to become not only Godly kids, but Godly adults.

In case you want to borrow Will’s daily prayer for the Hold kids from Christ-Centered Parenting: Prepare them to be independent but dependent on God, Rely on the Holy Sprit, Prepare them to exist outside the home, and engage in the current culture.

What are the girls loving during the quarantine? Johnna’s been watching “Little Fires Everywhere” and the Holds are loving “Jumanji 2”! Laura’s finding all the joy in the coronavirus memes and the gift of technology during this quarantine and of course, the new It’s Fine tees to benefit the Waltons’ adoption.

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