Episode 51: Happy Holy Week

We’re nearly one month into this strange new “normal” that has become our lives. Listen in as the girls discuss Holy Week, how they are observing the different days leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Johnna shares about her family’s seder meal. And the ladies share how Easter baskets are going to look at the Hold and Walton houses this year. Let’s just say it’s a little different.

Some basket ideas:
For the girls….
Journaling Pen Set
Fun Journal
Dual-tip Pen Set

For the boys….
WeBall padded socks
Battle sports gear

What are we loving? Johnna’s recommending “Unorthodox” on Netflix and tossing in a Blender Bomb for your smoothies. Laura’s giving you a new true crime podcast, “The Dating Game Killer,” and two books: Light Changes Everything and Maybe in Another Life.

Check out The Rev’s daily Holy Week messages on Eastlawn UMC’s Facebook page. Join the Holds for worship from Hill Country Bible Church.

Join us next week and don’t forget to leave a review over on Apple iTunes!

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