Episode 52: Covid19 Ruins Everything (Guest: Meg Jensen)

Life is feeling a little cray-cray right now and most of our daily routines have been disrupted. In addition to daily routines, lots of milestone moments and rites of passage have also been flipped on their ends. Today, the girls chat with Meg Jensen, AKA “Queen Meg,” about how life as a graduating senior has looked for her recently. Meg is the daughter of the girls’ dear friend, Jennifer (AKA J.J.) and she’s wise beyond her (almost) 19 years. She gives us all some great insight into how to love on the Class of 2020 and help them keep this all in perspective.

Meg joined the weekly “good things” and shared her favorites, too! She’s loving the extra time to take walks and exercise, and she gives Sadie Robertson’s Live two thumbs up. Johnna’s loving her personalized scripture cards from Dandelion Design and Voss’ strawberry ginger sparkling water. Laura’s recommending “Breaking Bad” as a Netflix binge (although not family-friendly) and has loved having some extra time for pulling out old recipes for the family during the quarantine.

Join the girls next week when they chat with a university senior who’s taking some bold steps into an unpredictable work environment!

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