Episode 53: Covid Ruins Everything (Guest: Becky Meussner)

Last week, we talked about how the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all things high school graduation for the class of 2020 with our sweet friend, Meg. This week, we’re taking it up to the Univeristy level and spending some time with Mississippi State University senior, Becky Meussner. Becky’s last semester at Miss State has been flipped on end but as you’ll hear, she’s pretty amazing and still finding lots of JOY in the journey to her post-graduation life. Don’t miss this one, friends!

Shout out to NaSHEville here! Check out their cute merch!

We asked Becky to share some good things in her life this week, too! She’s giving Bernie Herms and Natalie Grant’s “A Song a Day Keeps the Crazies Away” living room concert two thumbs up (check them out on Instagram here). She’s also finding the good in “online church” during this pandemic. Johnna’s bringing you a great “Birkencroc” knock off (she loved the pink!) as well as a great addition to family game night: Catchphrase. Laura’s loving her new wheels…BICYCLE wheels and has started running again. Hopefully, this will help knock off the “quaran10” she’s been packing on.

Join us next week when we chat with our dear friend Julia about homeschooling — she’s an expert, y’all!

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