Episode 54: Home School Hacks (Guest: Julia Jenkins)

We get it. Life is weird. We’re being asked to do things that aren’t “normal” or even “comfortable” for us. One of those things, for some of us, may be homeschooling our children. Today, we’re chatting with our sweet friend Julia Jenkins (find her on Insta HERE) who is a homeschool ninja for three beautiful girls — and started her own co-op. She has great insight and ideas for those of us that are less equipped — or just less willing — to tackle this whole new world.

Julia’s sharing her favorites with us this week, too. She’s loving Brene Brown’s podcast, “Unlocking Us” (specifically, THIS episode) and her refillable French Wicks candles (grapefruit & mint is her favorite scent!). Johnna’s recommending a good binge of “Outer Banks” on Netflix, and this delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe from Modern Honey. Laura’s loving her new iPad Pro that is making grading so much easier in the homestretch of the semester and has (finally) started the Harry Potter series.

In case you missed it, we’re taking the month of May off to recharge and regroup to bring you the best of the best content for the rest of the summer. We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait chat again June 4!

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