Episode 55: Beach Babes Catch-Up

We’re baaaack! We’ve missed being with you all so much, but have enjoyed the time to step away and recharge a little. We’re coming back with a catch-up episode sharing some life updates and a few stories from our time together in LA…that’s Lower Alabama, y’all.

A few links you might be looking for from our conversation:

LaTasha Morrison on Instagram: here
Be the Bridge on Instagram: here
Order LaTasha’s book from Amazon: here

Fun game for the beach, Spike ball: here

Johnna’s favorites: Pep Talk Postcards by Emily McDowell; New Keyboard for iPad Pro from Lemrich
Laura’s favorites: Running Skort (she has the charcoal; runs TTS); “Chosen” series on Apple TV

Join us next week as we talk about fear. There’s a lot going on in our world to be fearful of, but the Word gives us the tools we need to fight back.

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