Episode 57: Covid, Catheters and Conflict…Oh my!

Well, here we are again, friends. Talking conflict. It’s an election year and well, our world feels like a big dumpster fire which means everyone has an opinion about how it started and more importantly, how to put it out. Today, we talk through navigating conflict IRL and on social media during these times with a few solid reminders for keeping our relationships (and our sanity!) and of course, some funny stories along the way!

What are the ladies loving this week? Johnna’s loving the Olaplex hair care system (products 4, 5 & 7 specifically!) and the “Big Boo Cast’s” Patreon episode on body image. Can’t we all use those reminders? Laura’s loving her new collapsable rocking chair for all the ballpark fun and has gone all in with her curly hair. She’s taking all tips and product suggestions, but is loving some Marc Anthony Strictly Curls cream.

Have a great week, y’all!

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