Episode 62: Dear College Freshman Self, Part I

If you’ve been here a while, you know Johnna and Laura have some things to say about some things; this topic is no different. They’ve got lots of good advice coming at you from their 20/20 vision (AKA: hindsight). Join them next week for Part 2 as they share some of their listeners’ advice and instruction. There are some good nuggets, and if you have people headed to college (or back to!), be sure to share these episodes with them, too! Maybe we can help them avoid all the dumb things we did!

Johnna is loving Season 3 of Yellowstone (available on Paramount or Amazon). Laura has found a great V-neck tee from Amazon that comes in a whole rainbow of colors (she especially loves the Lake Green!)

Don’t forget to leave a review over on Apple iTunes if you’re loving the show and be sure to join the girls next week for Part 2 of this conversation!

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