Episode 64: Back-to-School Time!

Wow! It’s been a bit since the girls have chatted and we’re inviting you into the catch-up session! They’re talking back-to-school, church reopening, good TV binges, calming oils, and adoption on today’s episode! Pull up a chair and share the laughs. Be sure to let them know what back-to-school looks like at your house!

“Hamilton” spoof by one creative Catholic priest: here.

Apple TV shows: “Defending Jacob” & “Outcry

Great reads from Kristin Hannah: Firefly Lane and Fly Away.

Johnna’s loving the weekly show “Little Voice” on Apple TV and found a great “foot hammock” to help with swelling when flying. Laura’s loving her new “Calm” oil from Thistle Farms and recommends two great reads by Jeannette Walls: Half-Broke Horses (read first!) and The Glass Castle.

Join us next week for a conversation about parenting that you won’t want to miss!

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