Episode 65: To Bite A Kid…Or Not to Bite a Kid, Part I

Catch up a bit with the ladies as they share ALL THINGS GOOD despite a pandemic turning the school year upside down, health struggles, and dueling hurricanes in the Gulf! It’s 2020, y’all! What else would you expect?

Listen in to part one of a two-week conversation about parenting struggles with teens and tweens. Do you get involved? Do you offer advice? Do you bite the kid who’s bullying your kid…or someone else’s kid? We’ll be back next week with more of our discussion and more of your comments and advice, too!

What are we loving in the midst of the crazy? Johnna’s loving the new podcast “Nice White Parents” (Laura is, too!). They are also recommending “The Piketon Massacre” and “The Orange Tree,” if you’re into true crime. Johnna’s also finding more rest at night with these melatonin gummies. Laura’s heart is full after a quick trip last week to north Mississippi to see dear friends, and she has also found help for her curly hair with a new “fancy” hair dryer.

If you’d like to help with the recovery in the areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic where Laura worked for several years and Tropical Storm Laura caused massive destruction, donate directly to Hispaniola Mountain Ministries here.

If you’re looking for the amazing medical journals and resources we mentioned by Johna Jenkins published by Whitney English, you can find them here.

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