Episode 72: Focus on Fair Trade with Lisa Stoltzfus / The Mustard Seed Marketplace

This is so fun, y’all! Johnna and Laura love sharing their favorite things with you each episode, but this month they are sharing some of their favorite people! Lisa Stoltzfus (rhymes with moose, just FYI) is the founder and owner of The Mustard Seed Marketplace and you are going to love her. She’s the most genuine, giving person you’ll ever meet and shares a little insight into her struggle with infertility over the last few years. You do not want to miss this one, friends!

Lisa has also given ATG listeners a one-time discount code for you to use through the end of the year to shop her amazing online store, and if you’re near Middlebury, Indiana, you should definitely go check it out in person.

Site: www.themustardseedmarketplace.com

Join us for another fun Focus on Fair Trade episode next week when we hear from Founder and Owner of The Root Collective, Bethany Tran.

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