Episode 77: An Organized Life (with Whitney English)

We’re sure when you saw the title that you knew right away that we’d have a guest on this episode! Whitney is an Enneagram 7 with a creative vision and also a heart for helping women live “Busy-Balanced-Beautiful” lives. She’s created a beautiful line of planners and life tools to help you effectively and efficiently manage all the things life throws at you!

And, as if listening in on the conversation wasn’t enough, she’s giving our ATG listeners 20% off their orders at http://www.whitneyenglish.com. Use code ALLTHINGSGOOD at checkout to take advantage of this amazing deal!

The Waltons are off to India on Sunday, January 31 to bring home Aniya Grace, so our February 11 episode will be super special. Let’s just say, you *might* just get to hear the Hold’s engagement story again to help get you in a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day!

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