Episode 84: Dress Up Days Bringing Us Down

If you’re like us, you’re a mama hanging on by a thread these last few weeks of school. And you know what the last thing we want to see in the kids’ backpacks is? A DRESS-UP DAY announcement! Chat with Johnna and Laura this week about school dress-up days/weeks and the struggles of explaining “Nerd Day” to your learning-English 6 year old.

And if it wasn’t enough to know you can SEE us on YouTube now, you definitely want to head over there to Johnna’s real-time reaction to a lizard coming into her house while we were recording! While you’re there, be sure to hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button!

What are we loving this week?

Johnna’s favorites…

Check out this great prayer journal from Well Watered Woman. Cracked Heels got you limping into summer? Check out Bag Balm Bag Balm. And if you need a pop of color for all your summer fashions, Johnna’s giving you these fun sets of 10 stretchy bracelets from Becasa.

Laura’s favorites…

Check out the perfect matte hoop from the cutest Etsy shop. And if you have longer hair and are looking for a way to get the beachy waves, you “need” this extra long barrel extra long barrel curling iron.

Join us next week…or next year. We just like to keep y’all guessing!

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