Episode 85: Binge Worthy

TV : Johnna

  • “Candy” (Hulu)
  • “Under the Banner of Heaven” (Hulu)
  • “Life & Beth” (Hulu)
  • “Hacks” (HBO)
  • “Anatomy of a Scandal” (Netflix)
  • “Bridgerton 2” (Netflix)
  • “Never Have I Ever” (Netflix)
  • “Kardashians” 

Laura: “The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel” Season 3 is on the summer “to do” list.

Movies: Johnna

  • Hating Game (Hulu)
  • Lost City
  • Adam Project (Netflix) 

Reading: Johnna

Anything by Colleen Hoover
* Johnna’s “read” 7 books in the last month!


Malibu Rising
* Oprah’s What Happened to You? and Lilac Girls are on the summer reading list.

Listening To: Johnna

  • “Smartless”
  • “Comments By Celebs”
  • “Big Boo Cast”
  • “Scam Goddess” 


  • “Smartless”
  • “The Deck”
  • “CounterClock”: Season 4
  • “Crime Junkie”

    Favorites we think you’ll like:

Johnna’s loving Chuda’s healing hydrating cream for nighttime, these great Container Store knock-off shoe storage bins, and the perfect black leggings from Everlane.

Laura’s sharing a Fun Crafty Project for little girls headed into the summer months and the cries of “I’m bored!” and her new lightweight, perfect-for-Mississippi-summer kimono.

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