Episode 86: Florida Man + Florida Woman

Ever feel like your life’s in shambles? Well, this episode is for YOU! After reading through a few of these actual news stories, you’ll have a whole new perspective about life, neighbors, and maybe even McDonald’s. Pull up a chair and laugh with us through the latest adventures of the folk legend — Florida Man. And not to be outdone by her counterpart, Florida woman is coming in HOT with some antics of her own.

Links for all the stories below…

Mississippi’s Own “Mother of the Year”

“Weak” Bodybuilder

Wrong Drink = Vending Machine Smackdown

Love for Dog goes Next Level

No Dogs Allowed

SPAM Calls Just Got Even More Annoying

Just Another Day on the Course…in Florida

Monkey Business

Most Expensive Proposal Ever

My Neighbor is Crazier than Yours

Another Check Off the Bucket List

Ice Cream Machine Ain’t Twerkin’

Leave A Little Glitter Wherever You Go

What we’re loving this week…


Anna’s Heated Lash Curler

Acrylic Shelving (Set of 3) perfect for records, books, bathroom essentials, and more

Colleen Hoover’s Reminders of Him


Malibu Cocktail Pina Colada (over ice)

Tracey Garvis Graves Heard It In a Love Song

Join us next week when we have a super special guest sit in for a conversation about parenting.

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