Meet Johnna

Hello, Hello!

I’m Johnna (that’s pronounced John-nuh, or really anything that sounds remotely close) and much like Laura, I live in the tiny town of Austin. I think we have only 998,232 people more than her rural Mississippi town. My husband, Will (or William when he’s going for that mature vibe) is in Insurance Education (AKA: his company certifies insurance agents). We have a son that is 17, a daughter that is 13, and the Betty Sue, the French Bulldog.

I am an Interior Decorator and spend most of my days sourcing rugs, lighting, and paint. It is a blast, and I am still shocked I get paid to shop! I am also a Noonday Ambassador as well as a BeautyCounter Consultant. I think I have a few more hours in the day I can fill if you have any other jobs you’d like to recommend. 

I met Laura and knew I was going to make her my friend, in a non-creepy way. I have always been drawn to Haiti and finding out she was very involved there solidified my friend-making mission. Since we haven’t been to Haiti together (YET!) we have done other hard things in other countries. You know, climbed mountains in Guatemala (READ: walked up a hill) and chowed down on turkey legs in Dollywood (it’s kinda like another country).

We get each other on a deep, southern level. While I live in Austin, my home will always be in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!). Our love of sports, being advocates for those in vulnerable situations, laughing, and Jesus have knit our hearts together. I am excited for you to pull up a chair and some earbuds and join our conversations.

While all things in life might not be good, there is always GOOD to be found.

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