Meet Laura

Well, this is fun!

I’m Laura, and I recently moved from a tiny rural town in north Mississippi to the Gulf Coast. My husband, Jeff, is a United Methodist Conference pastor and we have two boys, 15 and 12, and brought our Indian princess home in February 2021.

I teach marketing, sales and social media courses at Mississippi State University (Hail State!) and have a side hustle as a Noonday Collection Ambassador. That’s how Johnna and I met! I think her first words to me were something along the lines of, “Please take me to Haiti with you!”

And while we haven’t been to Haiti together (yet!), we have traveled to Guatemala, Gatlinburg, and Orange Beach, Alabama…so same.

We love doing this podcast together and hanging out with y’all! While there may be some episodes when we lack a little focus, we’ll never be short on laughter! We hope you’ll feel just like you’ve pulled up a chair and joined our conversation. And don’t worry! If our Southern accents get a little thick (and they will!), we’ll provide interpretation in the show notes!

It’s gonna be GOOD, y’all!

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